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Jun. 5th, 2007 | 05:29 pm

Texas rocks.

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May. 19th, 2007 | 10:43 pm

Texas. A week from today. Yay!

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May. 14th, 2007 | 02:17 pm

I'll be home in 10 hours. I'm leaving now!

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May. 2nd, 2007 | 11:33 pm
music: The Heart of Life - John Mayer (Continuum)

Well, what can I say other than I have felt like hell for the better portion of these past two weeks.

I got really sick last week, lost my voice, my roommate for next year bailed on me, and I realized just how much work I had to do before the end of the semester. So I was kind of freaking out because I had yet to pick my Jury Songs, or my Audition pieces. But now that's mostly all set.

I partied way way wayyy too hard over the weekend, thanks to Spring Fling, and ended up getting put on Vocal rest for 3 days. Due to my illness, along with the dehydration of drinking, my voice was just completely shot from Sunday-yesterday. So today I was finally allowed to sing again, but I didn't very much.

This week has been a great improvement over last. Tonight was our invited run of The Cherry Orchard, and we start Tech on Friday. Alan's notes to me keep getting better and better, and they aren't as frustrated sounding as they used to be. I've finally gotten a handle on my character, and now it's just about fine tuning and consistency. I love my cast. I like the 12 people other than myself I'm working with I think more than anyone else in the program right now (which is a sort of bold statement...sorry!). They are all just so wonderful and supportive. I think I might ask the faculty to be a part of Midsummer Night's Dream next year, which is their last mainstage show of their senior year.

So. Three weeks until Galveston! I'm really excited, and just really anxious to do some real work. I had an interesting call this week from a casting director that wanted me to come in for a callback to join a National Tour, next week in NYC. But the thing was, they wanted me to guarantee that I would leave school for a year to join the tour before they even would schedule me an appointment. I didn't like that...I didn't like that they weren't willing to let me meet the Staff and Director and learn a little about the project before they even made an offer. So I mean, it could've been great and who knows...but I decided that for me, school is what I need right now.

I don't feel right leaving after two years in the middle of my degree.

One other huge factor was something big that also happened this week...I decided (after talking to my parents of course) that I WILL be going abroad for the next winter term. As of now, I'm either doing a program in Italy, or England. If I go to Italy I will have a chance to study mask work...and do an intensive in Commedia Del Arte. If I go to England, my course selection would not be theatre centric--most likely English Literature or something of that sort.

So it is official that I will be going abroad, at least between me and my parents..now I have to work on the paper work, passport junk...and oh yeah...money...

So last week was really terrible, and it looked like this week was going to be really terrible, but things have started to look up...and I think that if I can find an apartment before the show opens, then I am going to be a happy boy for the rest of the semester.


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Apr. 30th, 2007 | 12:09 am

I am about to explode.

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Dear Gary Roberts and the rest of the Pittsburgh Penguins...

Apr. 19th, 2007 | 02:47 pm

The Penguins absolutely MUST win tonight. It's a simple as that.


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Apr. 15th, 2007 | 07:07 pm
music: "River in the Rain," - Big River

So it's Sunday. I'm watchin the Pens game, which is a nice treat since I don't usually get coverage of any Pittsburgh games of any kind up here in Hartford.

It's miserable outside, has been raining all day in torrents.

I'm singing Pinball Wizard for my Hartt Black Box Musical audition for the show's next semester and I couldn't be more excited for that!

Spring Awakening audition in two weeks.

Galveston in a month!

Cherry Orchard is still going amazing, and we still have another 4 weeks!

I don't really feel like writing much right now, so in a little I might update this.

Go see Grindhouse.

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Apr. 2nd, 2007 | 05:32 pm
music: Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd

I have to write a paper on Shakespeare's The Tempest for tomorrow's Dev. of Theatre. Really don't want to finish, I'm three pages in...and apparently it has to be 5 to 7 fuckin pages.


Hartt had a "Hollywood Party" this weekend. I showed up as Enrique Iglesias and was pretty proud of my costume!

Cherry Orchard every night this week, except Friday...when we have afternoon rehearsal. Then I'm leaving for NYC. I'm spending Easter in New York with the family. Friday I'm going to see Grindhouse at the big theatre on 7th...because I just HAVE to see it. So I'll probably be in NYC by 7, hang out with my family for a few hours, then around 10 I'll head down and catch a showing. I don't even care if I go by myself. Saturday we're seeing a show at night but we don't know what yet. Sunday we are seeing A chorus line.

So it should be a fun weekend, we got a Hotel room that is like an apartment...2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom. It's right by Radio City...so that should be awesome.

Three weeks later I'll be back in New York again for my Spring Awakening audition. Still don't know what to sing!

The week after that, we go into tech for CO then that opens the following week, all the while I will be having my finals, juries, and evals.

Then, an exact week later I'll be in Galveston!

I found a roommate for next year, we're probably just going to get a double apartment...so it should be cool. He's a freshman AT, which will be nice because I've lived with AT's all year. I like that dynamic.

Not much else new. I am getting really excited for my Spring Awakening audition though!

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Mar. 28th, 2007 | 01:18 am
music: Paint it Black - Rolling Stones

I got the job at Galveston! They want me for "America, the Beautiful," "Big River," and "Joseph." May 21-August 20th...so I wouldn't be coming home at all. Galveston and Grandbury have a joint company, and I would do "Big River" at Galveston and that would run for two weeks, then I would travel 50 miles and live in Grandbury for two weeks while the show ran there.

So it's kind of like a tour. I have until Friday to decide.

The Cherry Orchard is going awesome, I love everything about it so far.

I've been listening to a ton of The Smashing Pumpkins lately, and Elton John. Awesome mix.

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Mar. 25th, 2007 | 11:47 pm
music: Killer - Seal

I saw Reign Over Me last night. It was incredible; thought provoking, shot great, and awesome acting. It was the best acting I've ever seen Adam Sandler do. Don Cheadle: Excellent as ever. Also, a killer soundtrack...and I like the incorporation of music into Adam Sandler's character.

More in depth on yesterday: Brink and I had probably the best day ever. First of all, it was at least 70 outside. So we drove around, went to the music store, got some coffee, went more music shopping, then came home. Hung out with some friends, went shopping more, visited some other friends, came home again. I went to the movies with Colin and then just came home and passed out.

Today I saw the Tempest, the Hartt senior and sophomore AT's put it together. It was really great, the cast performed great as an ensemble and the leads were strong and all had very individual, definite and strong choices. I also had a coaching and a voice lesson today. Started a whole bunch of new music. I'm looking for a good indy-rock tune or two because in a month Spring Awakening auditions happen and if I were meant to be in any show, that's it.

Cherry Orchard rehearsals resume tomorrow night, so excited to start up again. We're just doing table work now, but even so it's more than I've ever worked on a character in a show. Each rehearsal is like a different character analysis...it's really interesting and compelling. And Alan is just awesome to work with.

Come see it: May 10th - 13th.

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